Crane - Parks & Picnic Areas

Season: April 1 to November 1

NSA Crane MWR Park and Picnic Areas are located within Lake Greenwood Marina, Campground and RV Park.  Each location has picnic tables and are available for rent for $10/hr. Propane grill is an additional $40 a day.  

Ski Area Pavilion
Located on Lake Greenwood Peninsula with great views.  A dock is within 20-feet of the pavilion. Best use is to rent a boat and tube from MWR.  Use the pavilion and the dock as the home base.  Swim off the dock while waiting for your turn to ride a tube.

Constitution Grave 
Located 500 yards from the lakefront and beach.  The pavilion is situated in a grove of White Oak trees, which were used to re-plank the USS Constitution.  This location provides nice shade and is on the Lake Greenwood hiking trail. 

Waterside Pavilion
Located directly on the water, with spectacular views.  A great location for family gatherings. The pavilion is conveniently located near the MWR boat rental piers.