NSA Crane - Parks & Picnic Areas

Closing November 1, 2020. 

NSA Crane MWR Park and Picnic Areas are located within Lake Greenwood Marina, Campground and RV Park.  Each location has picnic tables and are available for rent for $10/hr. Propane grill is an additional $40 a day.  

Ski Area Pavilion
Located on Lake Greenwood Peninsula with great views.  A dock is within 20-feet of the pavilion. Best use is to rent a boat and tube from MWR.  Use the pavilion and the dock as the home base.  Swim off the dock while waiting for your turn to ride a tube.

Constitution Grave 
Located 500 yards from the lakefront and beach.  The pavilion is situated in a grove of White Oak trees, which were used to re-plank the USS Constitution.  This location provides nice shade and is on the Lake Greenwood hiking trail. 

Waterside Pavilion
Located directly on the water, with spectacular views.  A great location for family gatherings. The pavilion is conveniently located near the MWR boat rental piers.